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DetroitHomeWinnerlogo2With televisions becoming considerably larger and displayed in more prominent places, many solutions for hiding, concealing and otherwise disguising this modern box have multiplied. While that’s one approach, hiding a TV does nothing for a room’s style in and of itself, and let’s face it, the idea is (at some point at least) to see it. Our home owners wanted a TV as well as an attractive clean and modern statement for there family room.

Instead of hiding the black rectangle our solution was to include it as part of a large sculptural pattern of almost black (darkly stained vertical grained oak) sculptural boxes. These cubes seem to float on the wall because they’re back lit. Their rhythm across the wall is unexpectedly broken by the perfect insertion of the TV. All this is balanced by a low long shelf; it, as well, floating off the floor with light glowing from below. Within the thick shelf are drop down doors in which to store the modern clutter of dvd’s, dvr’s, cd’s and the like.

Light Cubes